Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tang Yuan~~~Glutinous Rice Balls~~

I had the mood to make tang yuan ytd nite!
It's my first attempt~~
Mix the glutinous rice flour with cold water...
& aga aga how much u need according to experience...

And knewad for about 15 mins, till it does not stick to hand anymore..

I tink my dough is too wet..

My great helper =)

Plain ones...

& added some red bean paste to mix with the tang yuan..
Actually, i wanted to wrap it in as filling,
But i failed =(
So we made all plain ones!

Melt gula melaka in boilng water..

Sieve it~~

boil the pandan in water for 10 mins...

& add the gula melaka water & ginger into the boiled pandan water...

Cook tang yuan in another pot with boiling water...
When they float up, means it's cooked!
Scoop it out and transfer to the pandan + gula melaka soup~~

Off the fire..& ready to eat!

Theses are my supporters~

These 2 love tang yuan very muchz!
My sister even ate 2 bowls!

My mother posing with the tang yuan~~

I will try it again!
& wrap it with gula melaka~~

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