Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Salmon Mayo Sandwich

My ugly loaf....

Nice texture

I saw one of the blogger showing her bread's bounciness through video...
So here's mine! HEHE..Copy~~

For yesterday's breakfast~~!

Made the salmon mayo spread b4 i go to sleep
The fishmonger gave mummy these for free~
I love it!!!

spent some time to de-bone it...

I used the miracle whip as it has less fat and calories than regular mayo...
and still taste yummY~

We love black pepper too!
So got to sprinkle alot!
Everything just goes so well when eaten together!

My man found a few fish bones in there!
Argh! a scary and fishy breakfast for him!
I'm so sorry...


Puffy's said...

Haha.. I like your video.. "bounce bounce"

I always have a question leh.. you really hand knead all your bread?

I did that and my bread jus wun proof... why ah?? =(

Big-Girlicious said...

Hi Hi!
hehe..u should try to make the bread again! and then u can show the bounce bounce video too..

i used to knead by hand..the whole hand ache after 30 mins..must knead till really smooth then it will be good...

but after my fren bought the hand mixer for me about 1month, i used that to knead for awhile then transfer to hand knead again..it will be faster! a God sent gift! WAHAHA..