Friday, June 5, 2009

Unagi Rice, Toufu in Dashi Stock, Dango!

We love unagi~~
ermm..maybe only me...HEHEHEHE...

Egg with Onions...

Lady's finger & shimeji mushrooms stir fried with black pepper...

Clear toufu soup in Dashi stock...

this was our dessert!
Japanese kind of "muah chee"

This was really nice..
i will try it again with black sesame~


Anonymous said... many pots and professional.
Yr sis house very nice so clean and white...haahaha..i can't imagine a white sofa at my place.
where do you get this? - Japanese kind of "muah chee" my kids will love it..taste like our chinese muah chee? anything special?
I'm going on leave from 8-11 Jun - Genting...will post the pic in Facebook when I'm back..see ya..
have a great weekend.....

Big-Girlicious said...

HEHE..not professional's kiasu!!!

i cant imagine nxt time how will her kids dirty her place up..haha..white sofa even adult sit already will be black...

Actually the balls are more like tang yuan, and chewy, i just used glutinous rice + water~ HAHAHA..and coat with peanut powder!
i wanted to try out ur muah chee leh..but then need tapioca flour..and i dont cant do it last minute..

hope u have a good wk end and good holiday with ur family!!! =) will miss u =)

Anonymous said...

Wow didn't visit your blog for a week and so much food pics.
You're amazing....your lao gong is so blissful....he's a very lucky man.
I'll be so fortunate if i can be your neighbour...just pop my head at your gate each time i smell something nice from your unit.
How's your house hunting?

Big-Girlicious said...

HEHEHE..thanks huh!!
actually more like huang lian po~..hehe..but never mind la..cook cos i want them to eat healthier..
an actually i only cook like twice a not alot la..imagine next time i have my own house..i got to cook everyday..faint..

i havent hunt for dad say wait 2 more months lor..haiz..dont know got to wait till when..u wanna stay near me?HEHEHE

Anonymous said...

if his friend see your blog, will really envy him. You are really a good wife and can cook and bake so well.

Of coz i want to stay near u many nice food.....ahahahaha

Big-Girlicious said...

HAHAHAHA!! no la..they will tink that im yellow woman..hehehehe..

then u come stay near me la..time to change a house liaoz..hehehehehe...
i will love ur kids de! =)

see ya tmr!!!