Tuesday, May 4, 2010

All the way to Boon Lay~~

UU's mummy had a surgery and I went over to visit her last week...
from Bedok to Boon Lay~~luckily there's places to sit after cityhall in the MRT..!

When i last saw UU,
he needs to cling onto people/things to walk...
Now he can walk on his own!
and pretty fast!
starting to have cheeky face...

now that he knows how to walk...
he will walk to the doors and play with them...
guess what did his mummy do to stop him?

use rubber band to scare him!!
quite a good way..cos he really stopped playing with the doors...
so cute right..

he's playing with the plastic kitchen utensils..HAHA..
will he be a star chef in future!? who knows right...!?

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