Sunday, May 9, 2010

~~Face Ampoules for Sale~~


Introducing one of the most widely used face ampoules by established beauty salons and makeup artists.

SkinDelights' ampoules are 100% authentic, made in Germany bio-curative skin care concentrates obtained from reliable suppliers.
Salons are retailing these ampoules at $20 - $30 a vial, and SkinDelights is providing the same product with the same effectiveness, but at a very much affordable price!

What are Ampoules?

Ampoules are bio-curative skin care concentrates stored in airtight glass containers, which contain highly active ingredients such as botanical extracts, vitamins and enzymes. Skin Delights' ampoules are preservative and chemical free!

The usage of ampoules are common in beauty salons during facials and before bridal shoots / make up application. They can be used for special occasions or even be incorporated into your routine skin care regime to maximise the benefits.

Note from Coraine:
Make up artists actually charge customers at a really high price for this product...
so you can actually get it here and you need not pay more!

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