Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2010 Expo Food Fair!

These are the doors to the fatness heaven...HAHA!
Ytd was the last day of the food fair @ Expo~
My mummy was so tempted to go, as her sisters told her lots of yummy stuffs after buying lots of food there!

So in the end I went at night, with my Daddy and Mummy
super crowded, and everyone was like some "hungry ghost"
including us =)

I tried a few samples, and spent all my money in less than 20mins time!
these were the proof of our greediness!
Our hands were all filled with bags and absolutely tired!
and some food were not in this picture! Imagine how much we bought... =p

This is a box of Taiwan smelly tofu!

We were so disappointed...
it's not nice at all...
not much taste too~ just like some random tofu which had turned bad...
$2.50 per box and i bought 3 boxes!! *puke*
I guess we can't get authentic smelly tofu in spore?

you must be wondering what is this...
It's actually an uncooked mixture of a few types mushrooms, lotus roots and bamboo shoots...
Quite disgusting...because they just dump it inside the plastic bag.yucks!

My mum wanted to try it straight away.
so she stir fried them with some garlic and black pepper...
the green sticks in there were crunchy! and nice to bite on!
But I don't know what's that?

6 dumplings for $5!

I bought lots of biscuits for my man and in laws...
the whole table was filled with food!!!!
Gone case for me~ =)


elle said...

for original smelly tofu, u can try geylang near to the city plaza there. the stall name xing zai chou dou fu. the owner is from hk. i myself never like smelly tofu. hahaha. smell like s*it.

Big-Girlicious said...

haha! yeah i know that shop~~i ate some human waste! HAHA..actually i don't really like ah lao like..hahaha!!