Saturday, November 29, 2008

We Eat, We Buy & We Shop!

My daddy, mummy, sister, lao gong & me
went to Paradise On Earth at Tanjong Katong Road
for steamboat buffet!
Sin Sin Sin!!
Then after that i was too bz eating till I have no time to take pictures of food!
OK..i swear i wont take buffet for a long long time...
Not bcos its not nice...but....



We walked along tanjong katong after the buffet
And was too free...
Went into the bird shop to play with the birds...
I secretly took a picture of the parrot..HEHE..
CUTE HOR!?!?!?!?!
they had a sign saying no camera there..
But im using my mobile phone!!! HAHAHA =D

& u know at tanjong katong there are quite alot of good food!

When we were still staying at tanjong katong,
This is one of our favourite snack =)

6 for $7.50...
Re bake for a while in the oven and its really..crispy!

This is the first time i'm eating this brand of donut...
Havent start eating it,
But my small sis said mango flavour is nice!

6 for $7...

OK..after the full lunch,
Our dinner will be all fruits and veggies!
Will update later =)