Friday, November 21, 2008


Had a really late lunch just now,
Was bz teaching..
Only 2 students!
but i dun know why i am out from 9+am till 3pm...SIAO RITE..
Tink its the travelling time..Haizz..
i should consider teaching at home next time...

& started to cook when i reached home...

Salmon head in Jappy sauce...
Looks disgusting rite!
I can always eat super fishy tings!
And my frens and family will go..EEEWwww...
u can take the fishy smell..

With some Dou Miao..
& a bowl of rice..

I'm having a sweet tooth!
So i ate chocolates! Which is a big NO NO!
And now i feel dizzy...
Sugar overdose =(
I'm so upset with myself...
Harming my own body...

Whoah heard a loud shrieking brake from ECP~~
Must be some accident again..Always happening!
So sad for them..
Let me go see..BYE!!