Sunday, November 30, 2008

From Simei - Central Mall - Yue Hua-Home

Had only one class today at Simei...

And my Daddy wanna go to Yue Hua @ Chinatown to buy some tea leaves~~

Lucky he fetched me,
Look at the rain!
But it only rained for awhile..
the weather is quite farny...

We headed to The Central @ Clarke Quay 1st..
To fill our stomach!

This is a Japanese restaurant on the 3rd floor..
I forgotten the full name of the restaurant...

The ambience of the place is nice..
but a pity that we didnt get to sit along the full length window facing the Singapore River...

This is my Unagi Don set meal, cost $12.80...
The Unagi is super dry~~
Not good leh.. =(

This is my daddy's sashimi set lunch, same price as mine...
Quite OK...

The sushi set that only cost $6..
very cheap hor??
I tink this is the most worth it one!
Forgotten to take a pic of my mummy's SABA lunch set,
but noting great la..
We should have went to Waraku!!!
I paid for it in the end,
total = $56+
Abit shocked...
cos i dont tink it worth that much

They have this ice skating performance at the atrium..

performed by some ang mo..

Next location...Yue Hua...
First we went to the tea section...
their tea leaves are really expensive! =S

Odd shaped tea table and chairs...made from tree trunks...

These crabs are selling @ least $98 per kg..for small size!
when i was taking the pic,
the sales person stopped me..Oopsie...
But why cant i take?
I'm promoting for them! =D

They have a fish pond there,
I went to that place so many times but i didnt notice it!
cos its at a place which looks like a hole..HAHA

Theres a super duper big fish!
I tink its really old...

Bought this Organic Oat Milk..
Hope i will finish this whole tin...
it cost $28.80...
quite ex..but as long as its good for me,
I'll buy~~
I just cleared my organics stuffs on the shelf..
I didnt store all of them properly,
& they rot!!
argh!!!i wasted all my money!!!