Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Is this healthy to u?

Ytd, while i was on my way home,
My mama told me she bought some sausages from the food fair!

So i decided to buy some bread instead of making my own..
the sun is already setting..

This is the healthiest 1 i can find on the MAMA shop's rack..
I tink i will be the only one who wants to eat it...
Its so tasty! & its a pleasure to chew on the grains..
I forced lao gong to eat it, although he dont really like it...

So i also bought hotdog buns for my family members.

They had a hearty breakfast! =D
But i dont tink its a healthy breakfast~~

So for me i will be eating a kiwi, and 2 slices of grainy bread
overnite black bean soup, I'm goin to add in veggies..

I woke up at 6am, abit lazy to wake up, but got to prepare lao gong's breakfast and pack his lunch~
Sent him off to downstairs and i went for my 1 hr power walk! =)

I came back, & tested my glucose + blood pressure

Not so good,
but imagine if i didnt go for my walk, it might be 8+++!!!

Blood pressure is really good! Cos i only had about 6 hrs of sleep~~
In the past, even if i sleep for the whole day, my pressure will be sky high!