Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh My....

Wednesday is my elder sis's ROM! close to mine rite!
And I'm gona be the pianist!!! Playing "somewhere out there" for their march in...
OH's like NERVOUS LOr!!!
I know..some pple may tink.."Aiya u r a piano teacher, why nervous?!"

OK la..although I'm a piano teacher, I'm still a human being!! I have feelings!!!
It's different after all, playing for students and parents and examiners..
HAHA..Now my sis and future brother in law's "happiness" is all in my hands...PHEW PHEW!!!! Pressure!!!!

And to be an elegant pianist..I need to doll myself up too..HAHA..

So..tested on my newly bought fake eyelash! =)

Don't tink it looK good on me leh..I tink its too exaggerating...
My smaller sis laughed like mad when she saw me!!!!!

Ermm..should i put...Or shouldnt???
Puzzled Puzzled...
Comments please! =D