Monday, November 24, 2008

Crystal Jade BBQ Korean Food @ Centrepoint

I will highly recommend this place!!
It will be especially good to go during weekdays afternoon..
QUIET...Nice ambience...frenly staffs...Nice food....

This is "da mai cha"

All these cold dishes are free!!!!!
Can compare to those i ate in Korea...

Korean Rice Cake With Porkie!
THis is abit not spicy enough, but the rice cake is QQ!

My BBQ pork set,
The pork is abit hard..
But i like to chew! =)
So good for me!

This is my Mummy's BBQ chicken set...
Quite nice!!

Actualy we wanted to order another ginseng chicken soup,
As we saw a couple drinking it,
& it comes with a whole chicken!!
Next time im goin to eat that!!

And every set comes with a plate of fruits & a bowl of Soup...
Total bill only $33+
Really worth it rite!
Next time I'm goin to bring lao gong along to eat BBQ!!

Good enough for us! Doing shop shop..
eat eat eat......