Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A few hrs at PS..I love u~~

Wah..really a tiring day...
Had lunch with fren...
then walked around for a few hrs followed by teaching all the way till nite..

After lunch, the first place we walked to is Daiso...

See all these decorations..theres loads of them!!!

And next Barang Barang~~
These are the few tings that i like! =)
But cant buy..
they are having 40% discount!!

I bought many tings on impulse!!!
Another set of eyelash,
which i doubt i will wear tmr..HAHA

Mascara! The sales person recommended me this
as i told her i want one which does not make my lashes clump together!

This is a lip gloss..
its shiny white..
i wanna put it over my lipstick..
for tmr..
I'm so nervous now!!!

Spent alot today!
Must save for the next few days already...