Saturday, November 15, 2008

I cant live without Veggies!!!

New Delivery to me!
My mum always call the man who delivers these organic veggies....

Damn farny~~

My 5 days supply...

2 packs of dou miao

2 packs of mesculin salad
These helps a lot during my diet days~

Xiao Bai Cai...Or is it not??

The bigger Bai cai..HAHA..
i dont know wat's the name!
All looks white and green to me...

Baby Kai Lan~~

Look at the sweet corn,
it's freshly picked from the soil..
this is the first time i'm ordering this..
Was craving for some steamed sweet corn...
after my student ate it infront of me last thurs!
Finally, I can eat it tonite!!! LOVE!!!

Total is $25. For organic stuffs it's not ex...

Nowadays without veggies in any of my meals makes me feel really awkward & sad...
Give me loads and loads of veggies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!