Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Finally a guilt free evening...

We decided to take a walk at east coast..
Power WALK!

We will normal just go round the lagoon..
but this time round, lao gong wanted to walk further down..

& we saw this castle from far..
It's new to us...!
But heard from my sis it had been there for a long time...

I thought we can get in,
but there's a notice saying it will only be opened on saturday..
dont know wat time...forgotten
wonder wats in there...

There are many sand castles!
I tink its a competition...

Some were destroyed by the rain or pple...

Then i spotted an aeroplane!
SO near yet SO far~~

After taking all those castle's pics,
We walked back to the lagoon for power walk~~

Ãction only..I know i dress like a weirdo..
But im not ok!
I just dont have proper exercising clothes to wear...
So i wear my pyjamas *shy*

B4 i left for the walk,
I started to boil the Old Cucumber Soup...
When I come back from east coast,
I get this!

Add some wolfberries & ready to drink!

I cooked rice, the salmon head and organic veggies in less than 30 mins time..
everybody was waiting for me to finish cooking..
already 7+pm..
My siblings didnt complain abit about the food..
So i guess..

And Lao gong & me didnt eat any rice for dinner,
just fruits, veg, fish and soup!