Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Banana freak! + Healthy Wholemeal Bread

Ytd, my lao gong specially bought some bananas for me to bake these!
He's a banana freak~!

Looks very ugly..but its very yummy!!
It's the same recipe that i used previously..

It supposed to be banana cake,
but for convenience,
i made them into the muffins...
so fluffy lor!!

Wah this bread ah..
took so long to rise...
i made from 10.30am - 4.30pm

Look at the new bread knife lao gong bought for me!
it gives the bread a clean and good cut!!
no more messy bread!!!
i will make more breads!! HAHA

Woo hoo!
this recipe uses 50% of wholemeal flour...
next time i will increase to 60%
and see whether it will turn out hard..
i didnt use butter, just canola oil..& added a wee bit of sugar + salt..
super good!!
thats the advantage of baking a bread urself..
You know wat u put in there..
no preservatives...