Saturday, December 27, 2008

We SmuGGled!!

Nervous us on the cabby...
at about 7+am...
heading to Lagoon View...

Long story, my daddy dont like piano
& drove her out of our house 2 years back.
We were all so sad..and cried everyday...
Every nite...Continuously for about 1 week!!

This time round my daddy went to msia for 2 days,
& we decided to smuggle piano back!
They were so happy!!!
& piano urinated all around...too excited!

So fast..its already nite time,
& she's watching tv!!
Actually not,
look at the right top corner, her dinner is there!

She gobbled up the food in less than 5 mins time..
We put potato, spinach & salmon..~~
good life!

Now it's show time!
With her angelic harness..~~

Cow Girl cool rite!

I dont know which branded design is this...
& she paraded around the room..
So farny!

So cute rite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retarded face!!

After awhile,
she fell dead asleep in her carrier..
too tired..
she didnt sleep at all today...
she usual sleeps 23 hours a day..WAHAHAHA!!
More pple..More fun! so she cant bear to sleep...

Now she's wide awake again!
Going around KPO-ing...

Tmr we are goin to east coast park at 7am!