Sunday, December 28, 2008

When Mother In Law Is Not In...

Today, mother in law went to msia for a 1 day tour with 9 other friends!
So we were alone with father in law...
I took a nap
while lao gong prepare some ingredients
& after my nap i started to cook our dinner..

Steamed Otah!
This is my all time favourite!

Stir fried enoki mushroom + veg in gluey sauce...

Dou Miao + Mushrooms...
lao gong stir fried this..
but i didnt praise him...

there's onion, tomato, potato, carrot, sliced lean pork & some cabbage
Very sweet and easy!


After dinner,
lao gong asked me to go to Toa Payoh Central's Pasar Malam with him...
I was really reluctant cos i know theres alot of food there!
I dun wanna eat!!!
But in the end i went with him
We saw this cute fury caterpillar on the way
I'm afraid that some 1 will step on it..
So lao gong used a leave to transport it to a safe place..

He bought a bermuda..
@ $17...
considered as cheap???
we just walked around the place...
& headed to ntuc...

Bought some kiwis, bread & sunflower oil spread...

Back home!

I didn't eat a single ting...!!!!