Friday, December 12, 2008

Foodie Food Food

Greedy us..
Lunch at Katong's Waraku~!!

Wah she's admiring her food....
Let's take a closer look at it...

Salmon Don...

& Zaru Udon

I'm admiring my food too!!
Let's take a loOK~~

Sauce Cutlet Don...

Zaru Reimen...
Shouldn't have ordered this..
Not to my liking...

Sinful lunch??
We wanted to go to Astons to eat initially~~
& i was tinking..western food will be even more sinful!
So just cross the road and eat jappy food!

Dinner is my pay back time...
My mother didn't coOk..
she went to meet her LOVER...
ANDY LAU~~!!!!!
Must be enjoying herself now.
So we have to settle for our own dinner...

DADDY & Brother went to east coast & ate

My young sister ate
a packet of mixed rice bought in the afternoon...

And the following is my dinner~~
Kiwi + Blueberries

2 slices of wholemeal bread+jap cucumber+a slice of honey baked ham

& ended my meal with a Jiam Bu~~

Healthy or not?