Monday, December 1, 2008

Finally Some PHOTOS!!

Align Center

Complimentary Bouquet from The Aisle...
It's really lovely...

Getting ready!
The groom was really nervous!!

The piano~~~

Let's get started!!
I'm playing somewhere out there
for their march in =)

Here comes the important moment...

The groom actually teared during the ceremony!~
I was so shocked! Everyting was captured on video cam =D

They are trying their best to give some thank u speech..

And he teared again!
His Mum and our Mum teared too =~~~)
But its tears of happiness!

Cheers to all!

This is really farny!
I told them to pose for me!
Asked the groom to smell my sis...
TOTAL STIFFNESS!!!! our size...argh!!
pple always say I'm her older sister!!!

We heart this Mylar Helium Balloon!

Most of the pics here are taken by my brother in law's fren..
Nice huh the pics?? =D end this post..
I would like to wish Wales and Shih Hui...
Have a wonderful married life...
& cherish each other forever...
Dont anyhow shout at each other hor!!!

And lastly..dont forget us after u've moved to ur new place!!