Sunday, December 21, 2008

Finally...Triple Date!

Andy + Jing Yi....Mayvis + Alvin...Coraine + Tommy

Makes a perfect triple date!

We went to Bugis' MOF for some jAppy food!
It's the first time bringing Tommy along.
Cos he always got to work~!

Let's see wat we ordered...

Happy woman number 1~~

With her Pork Ramen!

Happy Man Number 1!

With his Seafood Toji Set!

Happy Woman Number 2...!

With her chirashi don!

Happy Man Number 2!
(looks like he have got himself a big big prize..)
It's just a complimentary coffee/tea voucher..

& With his Tempura Soba set!

Happy Woman Number 3!
(With a pile of Sh*t in her stomach..Too much fats)

With her Salmon Belly + Veggie SOup!

Happy Man Number 3!

With his Assorted sushi + sashimi + soba set!

After the meal,
we chatted for a long time~!
They asked me where do i wanna go..
I said "EAT!!"
Everyone was shocked..!!

So we headed to swensens for some "Devilish Desserts"

We shared the sizzling pan dessert...with 3 different kinds of flavours

This is their rocky walnuts with marshmallows!

And this is their Apple Crumble!!

This is our White Chocolate Blondie!
Wah the syrup tasted really good!!!
& Mr Generous Andy Foot the bill...~~
he said it's for our xmas present~
Thank you!

A ROM present from them =)
I know its kind of late..
but we didnt have time to meet up till today~~~

So touched after reading the card...
I've slotted my rom pictures in!
Thanks to All of u!!