Monday, December 15, 2008

Grandma's Bird day!

Thess are the pictures taken 4 years back
my grandma's birdday~!

Some were bloated b4
& some are even more bloated now..

4 years later..2008~~
we celebrated Grandma's bird day at the same place~!

We had lots and lots of food!
So much fun!

Porkie stuffs...
Kidney...liver & meat!
All super duper fresh~!
I know it's kind of gross...

Steamboat platter..
we had 4 plates of this for 10 pax!

Fish Maw & Pig Skin

Fatt Choy with pork belly, mushrooms & oysters..
I requested for this..
cos i love fatt choy!

After food, we started to chat...
woman in the kitchen & men in the living room...

& everybody gathered to eat all kinds of oranges~!

Cake TIME!!
My happy grand ma...~~ =D

Group photo...1st shoot..
Aiya! my auntie didnt look here!

2nd shoot..My mother didnt look! ARGH!

I'm just trying to be lame...

We had a big slice of durian cake each!!!
this is made by a home maker..
she lives in bukit timah road,
& her cakes are cheap + good!
Only $25..have loads of durian flesh in btwn the sponge cake!

It's already 1.12am..and I'm still full!
cant even sleep!

Great to compare 2004 VS 2008
everyone changed...
i hope for the better...
in body, health and character wise =D