Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mochi~~~~ FAILED~~~~

Mochiko...~From Daiso...
Just $2!

Super duper sweet Korean strawberry from ntuc..

Red Bean Paste..This is from daiso too..~~

And i made it into the mochi dough...
Ermm..really soft...
Too soft till I cant mould..

B4 we start to mould the mochis...
We finished all the strawberries!
cos it's such a waste if we dont eat it plain...

Out of shape mochis..
Feel so lousy~~

And we ate this,
so nice leh!
seaweed cracker..
its really a good bargain..
whole packet for just $2!

Yum Yum~~CRUNCHINESS here and there...
quickly go buy from daiso!!

I'm goin to make baked rice & baked linguine for dinner!!