Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chef Coraine In the house!

Getting ready to cook the Hokkien Black Mee!
Our Dinner!

Stir fry the garlic with some oil..
then add in marinated pork..
I marinate it with soya sauce, pepper, sesame oil

After the pork is abit cooked,
add in the fish cake...

Pour in hot water~~
Then give it a big splash of black soya sauce...

Let the water boil then put in the mee...veggies & marinated prawns in...
I marinated with soya sauce, sesame oil, pepper & corn flour..

Quickly cover it & let it boil...
if the mee is overcooked,
it will have a kind of pungent smell/taste..

You wouldnt wanna overcook the pork liver too..
So put it in after everyting is boiled.

Tadam! DONE!

Add this brand of vinegar sparingly..
& it will taste superb!

I merely used a teaspoon of soya sauce for the whole big wok of noodles..
But it's still very tasty!
Everybody should try it!
Ermm..this is my mother's recipe..HEHE

Next up!
Guess wat are we goin to make with this minced pork..?

We are making siew mai!
Look at this picture..
My brother fractured his arm area...
Look at the big bandage..
his arm is stiff now, simply cant do anyting much..
And his posture looks like IP Man!
Dont u tink so?
& he posed as IP man the whole day...
but refused to let me take a picture..
so i used this!

Our First Plate
Steamed for 15 mins..

2nd plate...
Steamed for 15 mins..
Wrapped By: Coraine's Lao Gong,
Coraine's Brother
Brother's Girlf
Coraine's Small Sis

& Lastly~~~~
Rectangular Milk Loaf...
I baked it again!

For everyone's breakfast again!

The super cottony bread!!!
Help!! I cant resist!!!

Wah super tired!
I came home from work at about 1pm+..
& was in the kitchen doing this and that till now..11pm..!
Why am i making myself so tired..HAHAHA..crazy!