Friday, January 23, 2009

My cny baking journey begins from now!

He is my best helper! =)

Sugee Cookies again!
But this time round i added in almond essence & not vanilla..

This is called the granny boyd's biscuits...
I adapted the recipe from here

And i added some almond bits for the rest of the dough...

My elder sis ate it,
& immediately said WHOAH!!
Taste like famous amos cookie!!!
It's abit's crunchy too..& melts in the mouth too!

Bz for the whole afternoon..
but only made 4 bottles.. =(

I still wanna make pineapple tartz, seaweed biscuits, almond crisp & kek lapis!!

I only have time to bake on saturday nite and sunday morning!
Time is running out!!!