Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lunar New Year Day 3~~

Finaly! we are goin to the zooooooooooooo....!!!!

All ready!!!!
With our daddy and mummy again!!!

WHoah amazing!
we were so happy there were not alot of pple!

The boar....

This farny tiger kept strolling..left and right left and right...
without stopping...
heard that it's his hobby~~~

And this one kept walking in the water~~~
another one kept sleeping!

We love to look at the white tigers!

My mummy and the horsey called Belle~~

Horsey Candy~~
they called out her name & she turned to look at them!

Ermm..this looks like a t rex!
actually its a hippo~

My elephant's foot compared to the size of the real elephant's foot...

Lao gong's!
Nearly as big as the elephant's!!!
his shoe size is about 14/15...

Cute little tings...
i dun know...

Philip the sea lion taking a bow =)

Kissing the little boy boy!~

Shaking hands & making frens with another boy boy~~

Isnt he cute!?!?!
he can make so many farny tricks!

regret taking the ticket which included tram rides...$23 with rides and $18 without.
we walked more than taking the ride..

End of our tiring day...