Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cny bakes day no. 3~~

Today i rushed home by cabbie from work..
Started with baking kek lapis...
Not nice.. too dry =( & the colour looks yucky!
I baked this for about 4hours..
I pronounce the hand mixer
So i used a manual balloon whisk.... till now my hands are still aching!
So my hard work should pay off rite?

Hope it will taste better tmr,
as some pple told me that more oil will b "developed" on the next day...


My pineapple tarts!
Trying to make it look like mandarin oranges..HAHAHA
It's very "melty"!
just put it in ur mouth..and it just melts..
Thats wat i want for pineapple tarts!
But quite frustrated with it...its really fragile!

The normal pattern of a pineapple tart..HAHA..
Im too tired to tink about other designs...& no energy to make anymore...
Baking for 9 hours is no fun at all =(
I rather bake for leisure with no time limit..

Still have many stuffs to do...

PS: i tried to make almond crisp, but it turned out to be a disaster =(
So i gave up the idea of making seaweed sesami crisp too~~