Sunday, January 18, 2009

FINALLY...Day Number 7!

Is everyone sick of looking at all the food i eat everyday?
cos theres noting special..HEHEHE
Anyway today's the last day i'm gona post them.HEHE
Good luck to all who truely wants to lose weight! =D


A cup of organic soya bean without sugar


LUNCH @ 1pm

Yong Tau Foo soup,
with no mee..
cos im goin for housewarming later!!


Most of it are veggies and mushrooms..
i ate other stuffs too...
But dont be alarmed...

DINNER @ 7am

Golden Kiwi

2 slices of papaya

2 ghor hiong, 1/4 salted egg, some mock vegeterian meat...

Half small bowl of porridge....


Every 7th day will be my " cheating day"
i learnt this from Mom4Mom forum...
one of the forumer said to boost up metabolism rate..
we need to deceive our body by eating "sinful stuffs" .
But 7th day meals are not very very sinful rite?