Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day Number 6

BREAKFAST @ 8.15am

(sorry for poor lighting)
Soya bean milk without sugar + a golden kiwi


SNACK @ 12.30pm
Student's mum will always let me have this drink every week.


LUNCH @ 3pm

Yong Tau Foo with veg & bee hoon...

Plus chicken...from the chicken rice stall...
this is bad...
got to eat lesser for dinner then...

A small apple..

I gobbled up my lunch like a hungry PIG!
THis is the first time i felt so hungry during the 6 days~!
Maybe my breakfast was early & used alot of energy...
& lunch was too too late...


DINNER @ 7.30pm

Yong Tau Foo with Veggies & some mee + bee hoon..

Wah feel so bloated today...
i tink i've over ate again!
Tmr will be my cheating day,
just nice! cos i have a housewarming party to go to!