Friday, January 2, 2009

Fast Fish Bee Hoon~~

I reached home at 6.30pm..
Mummy was not at home,
So i cooked for my sister and brother..and for myself of course
& it's already dinner time, I got to speed tings up~~

Once i reached, I boiled the soup
Soya bean + Ikan Bilis..

Defrost and sliced the fish...
It's red goby if i'm not wrong..

Cut the egg tofu up~~

Wash, soak & cut the veg...

Cook together with bee hoon...
Fast!!! Satisfying!!! Healthy!!!
No oil at all...

After dinner i was really tempted to eat the leftover chicken curry...
But i controlled!
I even reached that point which i took a bowl & spoon
ready to scoop it up..
& the disciplined me put all these back to the dish rack..HAHAHA

So i ate some healthy organic pine nuts instead..
I only have all these left..
Need to stock up!