Monday, January 26, 2009

Reunion Dinner @ My place

For 9 pax!

This year is abit more special...
This "Pen Cai" ting costs $400...
So ex!

THere are 18 kinds of food in the claypot...

Add in the other delicacies...
It's truely big!
9 pax ate half only..
we finished all the good food..HEHE

big sized promfret..

Pig stomach's soup...

Another table of food!

& we started to gobble up the food!
Look at all the uglam faces....

We need to digest the food..cos theres more to come!
Brother in law peeled it for us...

My elder sis did this!

Next up!

Yu Sheng!

They are getting ready to lao!
& my dad doin some warm up exercise!




& lastly...
This is given by our neighbour.
It's pumpkin and yam or wat..HAHA..

and we K.O ed...
SO FULL TILL...ermm...wanna vomit??